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Friday, November 25, 2005

A terrible night...

Ladies and gentlemen,

Have had a bad night...

Played four tourneys tonight:
1 MMT (£1o.000 guaranteed) buy-in £25
1 SNG £ 20
1 SNG $ 20
1 SNG $ 10

In the MMT I went out after 10 min, my AA didnt hold up against 66. All in pre flop, the enemy flopped a 6 and I had to lift my hat and say good bye.

In the SNG $ 10 I ran into boat with three of a kind

I won the SNG $ 20 and got $ 90

In the £ 20 I went out as number four

Bank roll 1983, tonights result -$41

In the £ 20 I was doing all right, but with four players left this happened:

------HAND 5------
Game #1410384883: Hold'em NL (50/100) - 2005/11/24 - 19:05:38 (ET)
Table "SixPak10 1440738 - 1" Seat 2 is the button.
Seat 1: Sherrif67 (1330.50 in chips)
Seat 2: Sommelier (1098.50 in chips)
Seat 3: Zoomer22 (1893 in chips)
Seat 5: Snabben73 (1678 in chips)
Zoomer22: posts small blind 50
Snabben73: posts big blind 100
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Snabben73 [Jc Ks]
Sherrif67: folds
Sommelier: calls 100
Zoomer22: calls 50
Snabben73: checks
----- FLOP ----- [Jh 8s 9s] (flop gives me top pair with K kicker)
Zoomer22: checks
Snabben73: bets 300 (Bet quite big because the enemy was calling and raising with everything)
Sommelier: folds
Zoomer22: raises to 600 (this is crucial, normally its a fold, but the guy played strange)
Snabben73: calls 300 (decided to call after thinking a long time)
----- TURN ----- [Jh 8s 9s][Jd]
Zoomer22: bets 600
Snabben73: raises to 978 and is all-in (here comes the misstake)
Zoomer22: calls 378
----- RIVER ----- [Jh 8s 9s Jd][5s]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Snabben73: shows [Jc Ks] (Three of a kind, Jacks, King high)
Zoomer22: shows [Qd Th] (A Straight, Queen high)
Zoomer22 collected 3456 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot 3456 Main pot 3456 Rake 0
Board [Jh 8s 9s Jd 5s]
Seat 1: Sherrif67 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Sommelier (button) folded on the Flop
Seat 3: Zoomer22 (small blind) showed [Qd Th] and won (3456) with A Straight, Queen high
Seat 5: Snabben73 (big blind) lost

What could he possibly have after the turn?

-He didnt raise pre flop so pp is unlikely, because he always raised strong hands before the flop.
- 89 NO, needs no explanation
-AJ, not a possible hand since he would have raised that hand pre flop
-J with lower kicker than me, not very likely since he re-raise my strong raise after the flop so much that he almost was pot commited
-Full house, probably the hand I would put him on after thinking a while
- Straight, also likely, since he didnt raise pre flop he must have something after the flop. He caught the straight on the flop which is alot of luck, but I dont think he would risk his chips re-raising on a draw (there was a flush draw as well) after my strong bet after the flop.

To sum up, the only possible hand that I was winning against was a pure bluff (or maybe j low kicker) and how likely is it that the chip leader risks almost all his chips when I showed the strenths that I did? And why did I risk all my chips towards the chip leader when I was second? A great rule is to stay alive....

What do you think, am I completly wrong?

Need to get back to the books...

Tomorrow is another day and I aint giving up!



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