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Seat Position in Texas Hold'em

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Anyone who has played poker for any significant amount of time has probably heard talk of position. Position is vitally important in any poker game, and Texas hold’em is no exception. Knowing when and how to take advantage of your position can go a long way towards improving your poker results.

What’s So Important about Position in Texas Hold’em?

Good position in Texas hold'em gives you more information than your opponents. Since poker is a game of incomplete information, the more information you have, the better off you are. In Texas hold’em, position rotates clockwise around the table. Since you know your position before the hand starts, you can factor this into whether or not you will play a given hand. In this way, hold'em differs from a game like seven card stud, where position can shift based on who has the highest cards showing.

How Can You Use Position in Texas Hold’em?

One way to use position is in tandem with your starting hand requirements. If you are in early position, it’s better to play stronger hands. This is because if you are raised or re-raised, you will be able to take some heat. Late position is the time to speculate with hands like suited connectors or small pairs. You are less likely to be raised since there are fewer players to act after you. In addition, you will be in a great place to take advantage of your opponents if you do make your hand.

Position in No-Limit vs. Limit Texas Hold’em

In both varieties of hold’em, position is important. However, a mistake in limit hold’em may only cost one or two bets. A mistake in no-limit hold’em can cost a player his or her entire stack of chips, so the issue of position takes on a new dimension of importance in the no-limit game.

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