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1. Redbet Poker

$1000 Sign-up bonus

Redbet poker always have a lot of players available at any hour of the day. At peek hours there are at least 5000 players at 800 tables, but this figure is increasing all the time. The players are mostly represented from Scandinavia, but you will also find some players from other countries as well.

Redbet Poker full review 

2. Titan Poker

$500 Sign-up bonus

The iPoker network has launched a brand new poker room, Titan Poker, which is now the leading poker room in the iPoker network. The iPoker network have been successful in quickly building a strong network. This has been done with the help of the world's second largest casino software provider. The games at Titan poker are loose and they offer many high value promotions. You can play Holdem, Omaha (High and High-Low), ring games, sit-and-go, heads-up tournaments and multi-table tournaments. The software Titan poker uses has a good feel and an easy to use interface with a lot of helpful features. Some of the features include 2D view, 3D view, background music etc.

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3. Party Poker

$100 Sign-up bonus

Welcome to PartyPoker.com, the world’s largest poker room! Since opening its doors in 2001, they have been serving lots of fun and excitement to poker players worldwide and are growing at record speeds by offering lots of games and limits, excellent customer care and maintaining the highest level of integrity. Aug, 2006: 15,000-16,300 ring game players at peak hours real money ring game players at peak hours.

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4. PokerRoom

$200 Sign-up bonus

PokerRoom.com was launched way back in 1999. As one of the first poker rooms on the Internet, we launched with 'play money' only, but it was all no-download and since then things has just grown and improved. PokerRoom.com has become one of the largest online poker rooms in the world, with a stunning selection of safe and secure no-download games, a real sense of community amongst our members, and a pioneering attitude to the poker industry.

We first introduced real money games in August 2001 and have since introduced a number of new games and innovations to our list of features. You'll find classics such as Texas Hold 'em, other poker- and casino games right here, available at the click of a button. At the start of 2004 we introduced spectacular gaming to our customers in the form of new amazing software with 5 different poker games and several fantastic tournaments. Real money player statistics - October 2005: 2300-2700 ring game players at peak hours, 4000-6000 tournament players at peak hours.

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5. Mansion Poker

$1000 Sign-up bonus

Most players at Mansion Poker are found in the tournament section. There are typically around 5,000 real-money players active during peak hours. Many of the tournament players try to qualify for the Poker Dome Challenge which has a $1,000,000 first prize. Mansion Poker also host multitable tourneys regularly in which the site often adds extra money directly to the prize pool.

Mansion Poker full review 

6. Bodog Poker

$100 Sign-up bonus

Bodog started their Poker Room in September 2004. They have over 1000 tournament players and between 800-900 ring game players during their peak hour. Bodog.com are at this time processing around $6 billion per year just in wagers, and thanks to their marketing campaigns they are likely to expand even more in the time to come.
Real money player statistics - Aug, 2006: 2,200-2,700 ring game players during peak hours and 6,000-7,500 tournament players during peak hours.
The software at Bodog.com has a nice easy navigated interface with standard graphics. They have a number of games to choose from including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud High/Low and 5-Card Stud. Bodog.com also has great online casino and sports betting.

Bodog Poker full review 

7. Hollywood Poker

$1000 Sign-up bonus

Hollywood Poker is one of the largest tournament sites online and you can find as many as 30,000 tournament players during peak hours. The large player base makes it possible for the site to host multitable tournaments with massive prize pools, and the sit’n’gos always fill up instantly. Hollywood Poker is endorsed by quite a few famous (or semi-famous) movie stars. In the tournament Celebrety Classic players receive bounty prizes for knocking out these actors.

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8. Pacific Poker

$100 Sign-up bonus

At Pacific Poker they believe that the only way they can sustain their success is by focusing on the founding principles of their organization: to treat its Members the same way they would expect to be treated. Pacific Poker understand that they cannot be successful if their Members are not winning. For them, a winner is not a sinner. Winners are their ambassadors to the world.
Warmly recommended for players looking to have a good chance at winning. There are many special promotions (such as money added and free rolls). Pacific Poker is part of the group behind the world's largest casino - Casino-on-Net since - so there are a lot of "wild" casino customers at the tables! Real money player statistics for Pacific Poker - Real money player statistics for Pacific Poker - Aug, 2006: 3,500-3,900 ring game players at peak hours, 4,500-5,600 tournament players

Pacific Poker full review 

9. CD Poker

$500 Sign-up bonus

CDPoker is a sophisticated gaming experience that captures that much-sought-after feeling of a real-life poker game. Thanks to a great graphical look and feel CDPoker gives you the opportunity to play poker, with people who enjoy it as much as you do.

CD Poker full review 

10. Fair Poker

$200 Sign-up bonus

Fair Poker is a part of the iPoker network and features good graphics with a nice layout and some nifty special features. Fair Poker has been around since 2004 and is a fairly new poker room that focuses on Texas Holdem. There are plenty of players at the different levels of play and the volume of players at the sit and go tournaments are good as well. If you are an above average skilled player you will find plenty of easy to beat games at Fair Poker where there are a lot of beginners around the tables. In Aug 2006 ring games had 1,900-2,200 players at peak hours and tournaments had 4,500-6,000.

Fair Poker full review 

11. Inter Poker

$100 Sign-up bonus

InterPoker provides a real time, fully immersive Poker room environment from the comfort of your own home. The self-upgrading software offers you US Dollar, Sterling and Euro tables.

Using one of the most secure methods of Electronic Funds Transfer ever devised, our payout procedures deliver your winnings quickly and efficiently, while players can be assured of our fairness, honesty and corporate stability.

Inter Poker full review 

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